Parts - Results by Source Vehicle
Stock HH0931
Year 2012
VIN 2HGFB************
Body Type SDN 4DR
Mileage 78854

Part Description Price
A/C Compressor1.8L85.00
Air Bag, RightRH,ROOF95.00
Back WindowSDN150.00
Body Complete Frame OffBLU,P B586P,10/11,LEFT FRONTN/A
Body Pillar B Section Center and Rocker, LeftLH,BLU,SDN250.00
Body Pillar B Section Center and Rocker, RightRH,BLU,SDN250.00
Center ConsoleGRY,TR AC9,EX125.00
Engine CompleteFWD,1.8L,AT750.00
Engine Ignition ComputerECM, 37820R1YL5485.00
Front Door Electrical Switch Panel, LeftLH,1.8L,WINDOW MASTER75.00
Front Door Outside Mirror, RightRH,BLUE85.00
Front Door Vent Glass, LeftLH,SDN125.00
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), RightRH,1.8L,AT,FWD85.00
Front Headlamp, RightRH,EX,LENS SCUFF150.00
Front Seat, RightRH,GRY,CLO,TR AC9250.00
Fuel Tank1.8L, SDN, CAL, NO323125.00
Fuel Tank Pump85.00
Instrument Panel Entertainment SystemRECEIVER75.00
Instrument Panel Speedometer Head1.8L,AT,EX,UPPER ASSM85.00
Instrument Panel Speedometer Head1.8L,AT,EX,LOWER ASSM85.00
Instrument Panel Temperature ControlEX,MAN75.00
Liftgate, Decklid, or Tailgate5P.25,SDN,BLU, 5P1425.00
Misc ABS Brake PartsFWD,1.8L,ABS95.00
Quarter Panel, Left000,LH,BLU,SDN400.00
Quarter Panel, Right5P.50,RH,BLU,SDN, 5P1400.00
Rear Door (Side, behind Front Door), Right5P.50,RH,BLU,SDN, 5P1425.00
Rear Door Glass, LeftLH,SDN100.00
Rear Door Vent Glass, LeftLH,SDN75.00
Rear Door Window Regulator, LeftLH,SDN100.00
Rear Lamp Composite Taillamp, RightRH,SDN,EX90.00
Rear SeatGRY,CLO,TR AC9,SDN250.00
Rear Suspension, LeftLH,FWD125.00
Rear Suspension, RightRH,FWD100.00
Roof GlassSDN145.00
Steering ColumnTR AC9,EX,BLK,T,C,P,RDO,W KEY120.00
Steering PumpRACK MOUNT MOTOR85.00
Transmission Floor Shift Assembly1.8L,AT,FWD125.00
WheelW2,2S2,FACE SCRATCHES 1S195.00
WheelW3,1S3,LIP SCUFFS85.00
WheelW4,1S3,LIP SCUFFS85.00
Windshield Wiper MotorSDN,1.8L85.00